Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui by Karen Kingston

My poor fiancé. Every time we’ve played a couple’s game, the (surprisingly) only complaint he has is my tendency to collect paper clutter.

Personal growth can stare you right in the face. If the person I am about to marry is this quick to identify an area of growth for me, I’m going to jump right in! There have been other de-cluttering books that have gotten a lot of press lately, but this seemed like a unique title, with an existing perspective (feng shui) re-introduced to 2016 readers.

Kingston approaches de-cluttering through the lens of Feng Shui, a practice that always seemed out of reach to me. If I can barely keep my desk clean, how am I supposed to understand energy balance in my home? Kingston makes the material easy to digest. Here are a few of my pros/cons from the book.


  • Organized content (a good sign!)
  • A well-rounded perspective on de-cluttering, including suggestions on what to do with your to-be-disposed items
  • Extending de-cluttering past physical objects in the home (emotional de-cluttering, de-cluttering bad food out of your diet, etc.)
  • Super easy to read- finished reading in about 2 days


  • Suggestions about fasting and colon cleansing, without enough disclosures about medically-sensitive populations for these constructs (people with diabetes, cancer, etc.). This can be dangerous stuff, and should not be treated lightly
  • Mention of “space clearing” practice, without describing thoroughly enough what it is. I anticipate that this will be a follow up book, but I at least want to know more basics before I explore further.

Overall, I would highly recommend this title! I look forward to re-visting it in those times that I need to clear my home…and my mind!

Rating: 3.5 stars

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A review copy was provided to me by All opinions are my own! 


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