So Fresh and So Clean!

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Image from my Instagram @smmanley01

I am always eager to try new hair products, especially if the company is making an effort to reduce testing on animals! 

The L’Oreal Ever Fresh line is an anti-dandruff scalp system of shampoo, conditioner, and a brand new hair scrub. This brunette struggles with dandruff in the dry Chicagoland winters, and for someone who loves to wear all black outfits, dandruff is a big no-no! The only flakes I like to see are snow, mmmkkkk?

Overall: I wasn’t keen on the scent of the shampoo+conditioner (it was super intense), but after blow drying, it wasn’t too bad. The product produced the results I wanted (a non-itchy, flake free scalp), but I also found that the conditioner didn’t provide that nice shiny glow I like. Nothing a little hair serum can’t fix!

The Micro Exfoliating Hair Scrub  was the best surprise of all. It’s gentle enough to scrub out all of the dry shampoo and hairspray I use (yes, hairspray, I’m still living in the 90’s), but the scrub doesn’t dry your scalp. I would have loved to have this product on my wedding night, to scrub out all the product. Might be a nice gift for a bride-to-be!

If you’d like to learn more about the whole L’Oréal Ever line, click here. There are systems for volume, moisture, color care, curly hair, and the scalp care I just reviewed. Bonus: ALL of these lines are sulfate and paraben free!!

I received these L’Oreal EverFresh products for free from Influenster, but all opinions are my own!

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