My Husband’s Wife by Jane Corry

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I love a good mystery thriller. Within a week (or less), you find yourself down a rabbit hole of twists and turns- engaged way more than if you were binge-watching a similar show on Netflix.

Lily is a newly married defense attorney-described as both solicitor and barrister in the book (maintaining the British nuances in the language). Ed is her husband, a painter struggling to make ends meet and find inspiration.

Lily is introduced to her first client, Joe Thomas. Joe is accused of murdering his girlfriend, and Lily starts to think about her client more and more outside of work hours. Around the same time, Lily and Ed befriend their neighbors, mother Francesca and daughter Carla. They start to babysit Carla, and she becomes Ed’s creative muse. How do these lives get tangled up with murder?

The plot is very intricate and well organized. I have a tendency to get confused with too many characters in a book, but once I finished reading, I could recall the details from each character’s background and events in the book (no family tree needed!). I don’t want to reveal too much in the plot, but I thought I really enjoyed the twists and turns. It was like a roller coaster, with just a dash of soap opera. Great reading for the train!

4 Stars

Further Reading

  • Interview with the Author
  • An article from Penguin UK, on how working in prison inspired the author


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