Fit Men Cook by Kevin Curry

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My husband and I are not fans of diets, and we try to live a balanced lifestyle as best we can. That said, long commutes, a distaste for meal prep, and an affinity for ending our days with sweets/wine/beer, etc., have made us feel “bleh.” Not to mention that good food preparation is key for saving money, and we both have agreed that spending less money on food is a goal for us in 2019.

Along comes our meal prep and veggie guru, Kevin Curry!

I will always appreciate a cookbook author who will focus on the foods and practices we want to add to our diet, not shaming or demonizing the fun stuff. Fit Men Cook has some incredible recipes, plus some great tips for meal prep (a skill I used to have, but lost somewhere between wedding planning and having an hour-plus commute- oy).

Here are my favorite takeaways from the book:

  • HOW to Meal Prep. Not just “hey look at these pretty, organized boxes o’ food” for inspiration.
  • Realistic expectations. No shame in buying your lunch every once in a while. Be nice to yourself as you explore your food journey! (Okay, so maybe this is how I justify all those trips to Sweetgreen? #TreatYoSelf)
  • Curry does a great job of highlighting his experience with depression and how that affected his eating patterns of binge eating and drinking. Is the role of emotional eating given enough attention for men? If a man is struggling with his weight, is depression/mental health discussed as a culprit? How about alcoholism? A very human perspective on an issue that needs more attention. Thank you, Mr. Curry for putting yourself out there!
  • Distinguishing between “treat” and “cheat” when talking about desserts and other delicious food that maybe isn’t as healthful as a bag of zoodles. It’s not cheating if you are enjoying your favorite foods in moderation, right? Cheating is for the 90’s WB Show Savannah, not your food, mmmmk?
  • Paying attention to how food makes you feel. Something I’ve been more conscious of since reading this book isn’t necessarily how I feel right after I eat something, but how do I feel in the morning.
  • Plan. Your. Snacks. About 95% of the snacks on the market that are meant to be convenient are usually super sweet, and don’t have a good energy yield. So if you plan ahead, you’ve got it covered! (Okay, unless it’s Au Bon Pain Chocolate Croissant, in which case just yield to its power).
  • Lots of variability for different types of lifestyle diets, including vegetarian options for the meat-based recipes.
  • Curry’s attitude of gratitude and opening up to new types of cuisine- yes, please!

Room for Improvement:

  • I just have the one- NOT ENOUGH PHOTOS! I want to make sure I don’t mess up! I’ve seen other cookbooks that strategically set up multiple photos per page, to save on color printing. Clumsy kitchen folks like myself need a guideline.

Overall, if you are looking for some new and inspiring food options, Kevin Curry is your guy! I always know it’s a good sign when my cookbook is filled with a ton of post-its of recipes you want to try (I’m especially excited to try the Tempeh and Butternut Squash Ginger Fry and the Sweet Potato and Chickpea Abundance Bowl). Check out his book, check out his website, and let me know what recipes you try!

Source: I received an e-copy from the publisher via NetGalley, but the electronic copy didn’t work, so I ended up getting the physical book from my local library.

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